The meeting of the 20th of November represented a very significant moment of the two-days event in Macerata: the aim was to define ways and organizational strategies for the realization of all the activities mostly in view of the first setting-up of the five photographic exhibitions that will be inaugurated over next months in four European countries Italy (Macerata and Padua), Germany, Ireland and Spain. This event took place in the Macerata City Council Assembly Room and Stefania Monteverde, the deputy mayor, kick-started the meeting. She welcomed the project partners come in the town of Macerata. Then, Silvia Casilio, member of the Gender Observatory (ODG), gave the proper inputs on the scientific research and consequently on the timing schedule of all the events, setting the work plan of all the activities. Sara Spreca and Giuliana Carassai, in the representation of the Municipality of Macerata, described administrative section afterwards providing practical information about presentation of documents and financial report. Thereafter a debate and a very useful exchange of ideas and proposals took place. All these propositions will be fine tuned over following months. Photographic exhibits, seminars, workshops, meetings with students in schools: the WAI will be all this and much more.

Event photogallery